Markey's Rental & Staging Uses Griffin Hall to Ontario Systems' Advantage

Ontario Systems LLC, a provider of accounts receivable and revenue cycle management software for the collections and healthcare systems had its annual User Conference – Play to Win! – at the JW Marriott Indianapolis on August 6-8, 2012.
Ontario Systems used the JW Marriott's meeting space in an unusual way by selecting Griffin Hall, the JW Marriott Indianapolis's Exibit Hall, for their main General Session room.   This room is normally used for exhibition space, but Ontario Systems decided to utlilize this space as both their General Session room and their Expo Hall.  This turned out to be an excellent solution, as the 27 exhibitors had plenty of interaction with the attendees.  
The challenge in using Griffin Hall as a general session room are the structural cement pillars throughout the space.  These pillars could have inhibited a good sightline of the stage for most of the attendees.  However, the Markey’s team at the JW did an excellent job with the screen and camera placement so that all of the attendees would be able to view the speakers from the flanking screens.  The pillars turned out to be a focal point of the room.  They were uplit in such a way that made them stand out and added a great architectural detail to the room.  As you can see by the accompanying photos, lighting does change the mood and atmosphere of a room, and Ontario Systems was very pleased with the result.
Markey’s also provided Ontario Systems with all of their electical, internet, banner, and audiovisual needs for their concurrent breakout sessions throughout the meeting space.
For the Griffin Hall General Session, Markey’s provided:
*(2) 7.5’x10’ Truss Screen Frames hung from the Truss Structure
*(2) Christie 650 Projectors (6,000 lumens each)
*(2) Screen Truss Structure  = (W) 14' x (H) 10'
*(1) Center Truss Structure = (W) 24' x (H) 10'
*(26) Chauvet Slimpar 64 LED Lights - used for lighting the inside of each Truss Structures
*(1) Acrylic lectern for the Stage
*(15) Long Martin LED Stagebars - uplighting Impact Groups Bradford Panels on the stage
*(20) Short Martin LED Stagebars - uplighting the cement pillars
*(6) Martin Moving Fixtures - stage lighting element

*Impact Group designed all of the Bradford Panels on stage that were incased with the Ontario Systems logo.


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