Markey's Helping Heroes: Special Guests Chuck Pagano, Stuart Scott and Dave Ulman, An Evening With Heroes


On January 18, 2014, the annual An Evening With Heroes was held at the JW Marriott Indianapolis.  This evening includes an auction, dinner and dancing, and proceeds go to the Heroes Foundation, an organization that serves the cancer community.  An audience of 600 gathered to hear a conversation between the special guests, all cancer survivors:  Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis Colts head coach (via video); LIVESTRONG CEO Doug Ulman, and ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott.

This was Markey’s 4th year providing audiovisual services with production company Maribeth Smith & Associates, Inc.  Whenever Markey’s is working with a nonprofit organization, we know that putting on the best show possible on a small budget is paramount.  One thing needed for this event was for the stage to be used both for the program itself and for the band afterwards, eliminating the need and cost of two stage sets.  Markey’s staff and creative director designed a stage element created out of Milos truss and mesh fabric.  This was lit from the sides with 20 Chauvet LED lights, which created enough light to conceal the band.  When the program was over, the truss set was removed, and the band could begin playing, with very little delay. We provided 9’x16’ screen with Christie LW650 Projectors and a Panasonic AG-HMX100 HD video switcher and a Sony HXC-100 HD Camera for Image Magnification and recording.

Thirty minutes before the end of the program, the Markey’s and Maribeth Smith planners learned that ESPN wanted the video footage of the evening for ESPN program SportsCenter  that same weekend, and needed it that evening.  It took hours of technical expertise to transfer the video files to a hard drive, download and re-edit to transfer to the ESPN FTP site, but Markey’s made it happen.  The show crew and one of the Main Office’s Project Managers, who volunteered to come in on his Saturday night off, collaborated to accomplish this feat. 

 A full band was set up behind this backdrop,yet the side lighting kept it hidden even when spotlights were on the guest speakers.
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