Finish Line Brings Annual Managers Meeting to JW Marriott Indianapolis, Markey's Staff Once Again Partners for Event


The Finish Line Annual Managers Meeting was held this year April 21-23, 2013 at the JW Marriott.  It comprises several events, including a sales meeting, an annual company town hall, an awards ceremony, sponsor sales meetings, and sponsor parties in the evening.  Over 600 Finish Line managers come together for this yearly event.

What made this event interesting from Markey's standpoint is that the sponsors, who included Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Brooks Running, ASICS, Sports Illustrated, and Under Armour, each had their own producers and audiovisual needs, so Markey's staff knew they had to  be flexible and agile, able to adjust equipment needs for each sponsor.  This also entailed a mix of sets both large and small, and the ability to switch them for different sessions.

In past years, the events were held at several different venues, but the JW Marriott was able to accommodate all their needs in Grand Ballrooms 1-10. The main stage was in Grand Ballrooms 1-5, where Markey's provided two 11' x 20' HD screens, one 9' x 27' center screen, three cameras and flown audio.  The meals, presentations, and parties took place in Grand Ballrooms 6-10, where Markey's provided 11' x 20' screens for PowerPoint presentations during the day.

Each evening, Grand Ballrooms 6-10 were transformed into lounges where the attendees could unwind.  Markey's created the atmosphere with robotic lights and provided audio for nationally-recognized DJs for two evenings, and hip-hop artist B.O.B. on the final night.

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